The Next Generation of AMM

Supporting Volatile and Stable Swaps With Very Low Slippage, Minimal Fees and Ve(3,3) NFT

Swap your tokens

With Low Slippage

Crust Finance’s smart routing, deep liquidity, and latest AMM technology allow you to enjoy low slippage and high return when swapping one cryptocurrency for another

Stake and Earn

Passive Income

Stake your assets for instant passive income streams. No deposit or withdrawal fees. You have full control over your funds.

Novel Ve(3,3)


Inspired by the vote-escrow model from Curve, veCRST holders control Crust Finance’s emissions allocated to gauges and benefits from weekly rebases, reducing dilution from emissions over time. Model rewards long-tem supporters, and aligns stakeholders interests by incentivizing fee generation.

how it works

Control Crust Finance’s destiny by locking into veCRST

Setp 1

Lock CRST token

and Receive veCRST

Lock CRST for up to 2 years to receive vote-escrowed CRST (veCRST). The longer the lock, the more veCRST you receive.

Setp 2

Use veCRST to Vote

for Your Favorite Pools

veCRST gives you the power to decide which pools should receive CRST emissions.

Setp 3

Receive Bribes

and Trading Fees

Voting for a pool lets you claim a share of the weekly bribes and trading fees.

Setp 1

Request Gauge


Protocols that seek to open a gauge, have to request a whitelisting by presenting a proposal.

Setp 2

Create a Bribe With

Few Clicks

Once the gauge has been initiated, anyone can bribe it with just a few clicks. Bribes are set per epoch, which lasts for 7 days.

Setp 3

Receive Emissions

From veCRST Holders Votes

CRST emissions are distributed to the gauges for new epoch based on votes from veCRST holders.

Start now

Start build your passive income streams right away.

No registration required


Our private sale is live, and is based on FCFS basis, if you are representing a DAO/VCs or an angle investor, and are looking to support the project for a longer term please reach out to the team on discord.

Presale for crust and sudoku will happen together via a NFT sale, stay tuned for more information.

Full protocol launch is planned around end of august or early weeks of September. Follow our socials to stay updated.

Built on Mantle Network

Crust Finance is powered by Mantle network, one of the most secure ethereum scaling solutions with instant and super cheap transactions.